About us


LK Surgical Ltd. is a company specialized in the import and trade of medical equipment and supplies, with significant contribution to the development of the Bulgarian medicine. Some of its most worth mentioning achievements are:

  • Lays the foundation of Bulgarian laparoscopic surgery by introducing systems for minimally invasive surgery and training of the first specialists in this field.
  • Promotes laparoscopic surgery in Bulgaria by creating a training center for laparoscopic surgery for surgeons and nursing staff with hands-on program. For over 4 years, many specialists from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania went through the training program.
  • In 1990 it introduced new methods of treating blood disorders, using the Haemonetics plasmapheresis equipment.
  • The import of the first plastic surgery products in 1992, opening new possibilities for adjustment and removal of drastic skin scars and blemishes, burn traces, birth defects and asymmetries.
  • In 2006 it supplied the country’s first equipment for complete urodynamics examination, manufactured by one of the world's leaders in diagnostics of genitourinary system diseases - the Dutch company MMS.


At a ceremony in June 2005 in New York BID presented its annual awards. LK Surgical Ltd. was awarded the most prestigious Diamond category for outstanding business reputation.


LK Surgical Ltd. received prestigious awards for promoting modern medical technologies and professional approach. BID (Business Initiative Organization covering 165 countries around the world) awarded LK Surgical Ltd. with Golden Award in 2002, New York, Platinum Arch of Europe in 2003, Frankfurt and Diamond Star in 2005, New York.



ISO 9001:2015

From September 2012 LK Surgical Ltd. successfully updates its recertification audit for quality control system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.